Programmes & Modules:

Comprehensive programmes to enhance educators’ skills and knowledge

Academies & Courses

Mathematics Academy

Led by Dr Yeap Ban Har, our Mathematics Academy aims to improve Mathematics education by helping Mathematics educators become more effective and have avenues to deepen their knowledge of content and pedagogy.

Our Mathematics teacher professional development programme is designed to give educators a firm foundation in the fundamentals of Mathematics instruction and ensure successful implementation of the Mathematics curriculum. At Marshall Cavendish Institute, our programme covers two major areas in teacher education:

  • Content knowledge
  • Classroom practice

With this, we have also developed a comprehensive programmes to train and certify educators. Our programmes aims to equip educators with relevant content knowledge, innovative pedagogical knowledge and strong pedagogical-content knowledge. The programme involves hands-on work and observation of actual lessons, allowing educators to implement what is learnt and develop a teaching portfolio to showcase their achievements.

  • Certificate in Mathematics Teaching (Primary)
  • Certificate in Mathematics Education for Mathematics Specialist (Primary)

Educators can choose from a wide range of courses to enhance their content knowledge, learn strategies on teaching a topic or gain insights into why a topic is taught in a certain way. Through the various modules available, they will also understand how the curriculum and teaching method develop our children for the future. As a teacher, learning from fellow teachers is equally important in improving teaching practice. Our courses provide avenues for both formal and informal aspects of learning.

Science Academy

Based on the current issues and research trends in Science pedagogy, the Science Academy's programme is designed to keep Science educators abreast on the strategies used to better engage and motivate students in learning Science. The courses provide educators with both knowledge and training in curriculum development and innovation, Science Inquiry Approach as well as assessment modes in Science teaching and learning that will be applicable and helpful to their classroom practices.

Lesson Study Academy

Our aims are to increase the effectiveness of educators through the development and enhancement of educators’ professional knowledge to improve students’ learning experience.

Marshall Cavendish Institute’s Lesson Study Academy offers a range of novel, progressive programmes in lesson study across subject areas. These include short seminars and workshops as well as long programmes which comprise comprehensive handholding models and overseas immersion trips. Our main facilitators spent many years in the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore, and are fully qualified, experienced professional development facilitators.

These programmes aim to help participants gain an understanding of lesson study as a professional development tool and to enhance their competency in implementing lesson study effectively. This is in line with MOE’s efforts to raise the professional capacity of teachers in the context of a professional learning community (PLC) which focuses on collaborative professional learning among teachers.

Early Childhood Programmes

Our Early Childhood
Studies Courses

While Early Childhood Studies in Mathematics (ECM) courses focus on mathematical thinking, Early Childhood Studies in Education (ECE) courses are strategies-driven and are not specific to any particular content area. Many examples used show the integration of different content area and thinking competencies. Early Childhood Studies in Science (ECS) courses focuses on scientific thinking.