Programmes & Modules:

Comprehensive programmes to enhance educators’ skills and knowledge

Lesson Study Academy

Short Programmes

LSP101 Introduction to Lesson Study (3 hours)

This introductory seminar helps participants who are new to lesson study, understand the process of lesson study and its role in the professional development of teachers. Participants will gain insight into the stages of lesson study and how it can be used by the PLC. This seminar will also touch on other benefits, challenges and factors needed to support an effective implementation of lesson study.

LSP102 Lesson Planning (3 hours)

This seminar seeks to provide participants with experiential knowledge of specific stages of lesson study. Participants will observe a lesson-planning session facilitated by our lecturer, to gain insight into how to achieve the research goal and effectively anticipate and categorise students' responses. In brief, participants will learn how to conduct lesson planning meetings in lesson study.

LSP103 Open Lesson – Research Lesson / Post-Lesson Discussion (3 hours)

In this seminar, participants will gain experiential knowledge from observing a research lesson (conducted by a member of the lesson study team) in a real classroom. There will also be a post-lesson discussion where participants share their observations based on evidence collected from the research lesson. They will also observe a demonstration of effective facilitation critical to encouraging in-depth discussion among observers. This is usually conducted on-site (in a school).

LSP104 Effective Facilitation for Lesson Study (3 hours)

This seminar seeks to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective facilitation throughout the lesson study process. Participants, especially those who are assuming the role of a facilitator in learning teams will benefit significantly from this workshop. They will understand the role of facilitation and learn several process tools aimed at enhancing participation, interaction and in-depth discussion among team members.