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Comprehensive programmes to enhance educators’ skills and knowledge

Secondary Mathematics

Concept-Based Courses

MAS101 Fundamentals of Mathematics Teaching (6 hours)

This course covers the fundamentals that underpin the secondary Mathematics curriculum in Singapore. Although secondary Mathematics has more formulae and equations, the essence of Mathematics education is still focused on developing students' thinking and problem-solving skills. It is also equally important to help students embrace 21st century competencies through Mathematics learning. Such emphasis requires didactic methods to be firmly founded on time-tested learning theories to shape and enhance teaching and learning experiences for teachers and students.

MAS102 Mathematical Problem Solving (6 hours)

Problem solving is a key focus in Mathematics learning and at the same time poses tremendous challenge to students. A routine question is more of a task to handle whereas a non-routine question may truly be a problem to crack. This course shows how Newman's error analysis procedure helps to diagnose difficulties students face in word problems and how Pólya's 4-stage problem solving framework enables students to apply thinking skills and heuristics in a systematic manner.

MAS111 Bar Model Method and Algebra (6 hours)

The bar model method has been an effective pictorial way to solving word problems in primary Mathematics. In secondary Mathematics, problem solving tends to be more algebraic than pictorial. Such change in approach presents itself a gap in students' learning process. This course demonstrates ways to help students transit from the bar model method to algebra and addresses why students need to change their mindset from using bar models to applying algebraic methods.

MAS114 Differentiated Instruction in Secondary Mathematics (3 hours)

Participants learn models of differentiated instruction. The course helps participants to plan for differentiation for advanced as well as struggling students. In particular, participants will learn how to write a tiered lesson plan which is one of the strategies for differentiated instruction.

MAS213 Teaching of Algebra (6 hours)

In this course, participants will see different facets of algebra in secondary Mathematics. The course also describes how students can learn elementary algebra through handson activities, making abstract concrete in students' learning process. Although problem solving is essential in the learning of algebra, the course explains what it takes for students to solve problems algebraically.