Programmes & Modules:

Comprehensive programmes to enhance educators’ skills and knowledge

Lesson Study Academy

General Courses

LSP111 Differentiated Instruction (3 hours)

This course helps participants review basic concepts in differentiated instruction and extend their understanding through a workshop activity on anticipating students' responses and providing differentiated instruction based on the responses.

LSP112 Thinking Routines (3 hours)

This course helps participants understand the importance of making thinking visible. One effective way to make thinking visible is the use of thinking routines. Participants will experience the use of different thinking routines that foster different types of thinking in the context of different subject areas and grade levels. This is aligned with Ministry of Education Singapore's 21st Century Competencies Framework (under the component of Critical and Inventive Thinking).

LSP121 Professional Learning through Lesson Videos (6 hours)

Participants will learn several approaches to critique a lesson video. The course comprises three parts. In the overview, participants revisit core ideas in PLC and studying lesson videos. The second part includes a demonstration of lesson critique. Participants will go through the process of lesson critique to experience, observe and be aware of some approaches to lesson critique. The school is requested to prepare one or more ten-minute video segments of a lesson on any subject. The final part of the course is a forum for participants to generalise their learning to their subject areas and to raise questions for discussion.

*Non subject-specific courses