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Our Success Stories

Marshall Cavendish Institute (MCI) has successfully provided relevant, effective programmes with proven results. In countries such as Brunei, our partnerships with ministries allowed us to conduct efficacy studies to understand their country’s education landscape in order to develop a suitable and effective programme for their educators. In other countries such as Chile, we have established a local training institute to provide dedicated, ongoing support for the educators.


In 2013, Marshall Cavendish Institute was appointed by the Ministry of Education, Brunei to conduct an efficacy study in order to design a professional development programme that would be most relevant and effective for their teachers.

Teachers were given a pre- and post-programme test to determine the level of mathematical pedagogical knowledge of teachers and ascertain the effectiveness of the professional development programme provided by MCI. Based on the study and comparisons conducted, there was a 45% increase in the number of teachers who were able to achieve a score above 70%. The teachers who did not perform highly in the pre-test also outperformed their old scores by an average of at least 15%.

With this efficacy study, MCI was able to determine what the teachers’ needs were and how to best address it through training and resources. To ensure the teachers are practicing what they have learnt effectively within their classrooms, MCI still provides continuous support to the teachers in Brunei today.

  • Teachers conducting a hands-on activity with our Associate Lecturer
  • A sharing session among the Brunei teachers at the seminar


Marshall Cavendish Institute, Chile was launched in 2012 to meet the growing demand for quality teacher training and ongoing support. Chile was the first country outside of Singapore to have a group of qualified bilingual trainers, specially selected and trained to teach other teachers in Singapore Math®.

In 2014, the Ministry of Education, Chile appointed Marshall Cavendish Education to provide Mi Matematica, a primary Maths textbook series, for all Grade 2 public schools. As the first Asian-based publisher to be awarded such a role, we recognise the need for our teacher professional development training to complement the implementation of the curriculum content and equip the teachers to use the materials effectively.

Our trainers are equipped with the principles, methodology and pedagogical knowledge of Singapore Math and are the only professionals trained to teach other teachers. Today, the team of trainers continues to grow and equip the educators in Chile.

  • Chilean educators learning from one another during a workshop session
  • His Excellency, Cheong Yip Seng, Ambassador to Chile and Ms Lee Fei Chen, Head of Publishing, Times Publishing Limited, answering media queries at the launch of Marshall Cavendish Education, Chile.