For Educators:

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Educator's Resources

To further support for our educators, we have a range of materials that can act as resources for reference on learning theories and research studies.

Teaching to Mastery

Backed by research studies and learning theories, these books include mathematical and pedagogical tasks to help parents and educators link content and pedagogy of the respective Mathematics topics. Educators will find this as an invaluable resource to help develop in children a comprehensive understanding of bar modeling, whole numbers and their basic operations, fractions as well as decimals.






The Singapore Model Method for Learning Mathematics

Co-published with the Ministry of Education, Singapore, The Singapore Model Method for Learning Mathematics gives a broader and deeper understanding of the effectiveness of the Model Method as a learning and problem-solving tool.


Teacher Works: Teaching Fraction, Ratio and Percentage Effectively

This book focuses on Fraction, Ratio and Percentage, the three topics that have traditionally caused children much learning difficulty, hence often deemed challenging to teach or learn.


Teacher Works: A Handbook for Mathematics Teachers in Primary School

Filled with teaching tips, examples, lesson plans, activity ideas and strategies in the teaching of Mathematics today, this handbook is an invaluable resource for educators in primary Maths.


Challenging Maths Problems Made Easy

This book contains concepts that have been tried by educators and pupils who found them easy to understand and to apply, even with very challenging problems. Eleven concepts are shared and presented in a step-by-step manner. The comprehensive explanations and examples allow the educators to guide and the child to pick up concepts on their own.