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What Our Clients Say

Marshall Cavendish Institute has conducted teacher professional development courses for numerous schools, organisations and government bodies in Singapore, Southeast Asia, the United States and Latin America. Our programmes have been adopted by various ministries, organisations and schools, and the benefits speak for themselves.

Ms Tan Teacher, attended Problem-Solving Heuristics Workshop, 2013

I liked the part that the lecturer reminded us on the steps of problem solving. And keeping a mathematical journal, allowing pupils to think and solve the problems using various methods. A lot of open-ended questions to trigger thinking.

Ms Seah Parent participant of “How to Solve Challenging Word Problems” Workshop, 2015

The workshop made me understand that drilling doesn’t work if the child doesn’t understand the concepts. I liked the way the lecturer used the step by step approach to understand the question.

Ms Kee Parent participant of “Surviving Maths” Workshop, 2011

I actually learnt to switch my focus from the anxious teaching of methods to be injected into my kids' brains, into understanding in guiding them by using questions and answers to be realised by themselves. I have enrolled for coming workshops next year to prepare for my kids for PSLE next year, with more confidence. Thanks for these precious seminars and workshops.

Our Clients Include:

Ministry of Education,
Brunei Darussalam
The Americas Saint Edward's School (Florida) Saint Edward's School (Florida)
Asia Reedley International School Reedley International School
Victoria Shanghai Academy